I'm Anita Gombkötő Lődi and in fact I'm a food industry engineer.
I live with my family, in Orosháza (Hungary).
Luckily we have a very big yard ,so heated kennels and a dog school can belong to our house. Dog fanciers, professional competitors, and the members of the Hungarian picked troops can meet and work here.

EEverything began here...
I caught the fancy of boxer, so I began to collect the information and made up my mind to breed them. Encouraged by my family, I based the di Villa de Hunnicum Kennel in 2007. Since then everybody is a dog-fan in my family...
My husband breeds dobermann and he got the honour and the gold plaquette for von Hunnoterra Masterbreeding. He is an internationally recognized and well-known dobermann dog fancier.

My mother is the owner of the del Gladio Bull English Bulldog kennel. Probably the "professional team" will soon grow in my family, because my two children always pester me with their original conceives of breeding.   :)

We inquired and gained experiences for about 1 year, and we agreed that we would buy only high quality boxers and only "adults" with absolute certainty not to blumber.
In Italy, we found a breed pair: Damon and Vega del Colle del'Infinito.Then came Enzia del Colle del'Infinito, Anima Cavaliered'Italia and Evi del Asia del'Erta. Our dog from Hungary is Universum Orange.
Using the family's and all of my experiences and knowledge, I would like to breed healthy and balanced dogs with elegant appearance to delight the prospective owners.